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Commercial Dumbwaiters

When purchasing a dumbwaiter it is important to get the right dumbwaiter for the application it is going to be used for.Commercial dumbwaiters differ from residential in the grade of equipment that is provided. All commercial dumbwaiters come with the approved safety switches that are required for these types of applications, in addition to the over-travel and slack cable switches that come standard on all of our products. We can also advise you on the requirements for the shaft way construction and filling out permit applications to help save time and money.

Commercial Dumbwaiters

Along with the four standard dumbwaiters we have in stock, we can also build custom sizes to meet your organization's needs.We can discuss what you will be using the dumbwaiter for to ensure it can be used with ease. We also offer many removable shelf options as well as different style lift container doors and higher weight capacities. For lifting capacities over 300+ lbs please see our industrial dumbwaiter section.

Available Dimensions
  • Birch/Steel - 20W x 20D x 24H
  • Birch/Steel - 24W x 24D x 24H
  • Birch/Steel - 24W x 30D x 24H
  • Birch/Steel - 30W x 30D x 30H
  • Custom sizes available

Commercial Lifts Data Sheet

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