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Frequently Asked Questions.

1.    Is a shaft way required to install your dumbwaiters?
A:    Yes. We also provide you with detailed drawings to construct your shaft way. The only exception is our mezzanine lifts which come completely pre-assembled and do not require a shaft way.

2.    Are the cut-out dimensions on the website the interior finished drywall dimensions?
A:    Yes.

3.    Why doesn't the front wall get installed prior to installing the dumbwaiter?
A:    For ease of installation

4.    Does an installation manual come with the dumbwaiter?
A:    Yes a detailed installation manual is included with each system.

5.    What are the electrical requirements?
A:    110v 20 Amp dedicated circuit.  A receptacle is required at the top of the shaft way about 12" down from the ceiling on the back wall.

6.    I'm a general contractor; will I be able to install your dumbwaiter?

A:    Yes we have had many first time installers that have had great success.

7.    Do you have other styles of push buttons available?

A:    Yes.  Please contact us.

8.    Why should I buy a standard dumbwaiter over a custom dumbwaiter?
A:    The lead time is usually the biggest reason as standard dumbwaiters ship in 1-3 weeks while custom dumbwaiters ship in approximately 3 to 5 weeks.

9.    What type of controls are used to move the dumbwaiter?
A:    Push buttons are located at each floor to call or send the dumbwaiter.

10.    What type of maintenance is involved?
A:    All ball and roller bearings in the drive system are lubricated and sealed. The belts also do not require lubrication so for the most part the dumbwaiters are maintenance free