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Picture of Industrial Dumbwaiter

Industrial Dumbwaiters

Industrial applications require industrial equipment, that’s why we have provided a separate line of dumbwaiters just for these types of requirements.

Our heavy duty line of dumbwaiters goes up to 36x36x48 container size with a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs. On our Industrial systems the track and drive belt is doubled for strength and rigidity, making them ideal for moving large or heavy equipment or freight etc. They are made custom per our customers’ request.

Industrial Dumbwaiters

To determine the correct shaft way size you will need for your custom dumbwaiter, you will add 6” to the width and 4” to the depth of the container size that you choose. In addition to our industrial line of dumbwaiters we also offer the only completely pre-assembled mezzanine lift, unlike the dumbwaiter kits these types of lifts do not require a shaft way.

available Dimensions
  • Custom Sizes Available

Industrial Dumbwaiter Data Sheet

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Mezzanine Lifts

Butler's Buddy manufactures pre-assembled two story electric mezzanine lifts, also known as dumbwaiters, in three standard sizes. These unique elevators/lifts are available as shown completely finished; once they are bolted down and plugged in they are ready for use. Our mezzanine lifts and electric dumb waiter elevators have been utilized in restaurants, warehouses, and commercial buildings. The exterior is finished in grey powder coated expanded metal and aluminum corners. The three sizes available are 24”x24”x24” high, 30”x30”x30” and 36”x36”x36” high lift containers. Standard pricing is for mezzanine lifts up to 20 feet in height, mezzanine lift heights up to 26 feet available. Custom sizes and finishes are also available.

Mezzanine Lift datasheet

Picture of Industrial Dumbwaiter
Available Dimensions
  • Birch/Steel - 24x24x24
  • Birch/Steel - 30x30x30
  • Birch/Steel - 36x36x36
  • Custom Sizes and Finishes Available