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Dumbwaiters and Mezzanine Lifts

For Commercial and Residential Applications

Quality Dumbwaiter kits and Mezzanine lifts that can be customized for residential or business installations

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Made From

High Quality

Parts and Materials

Our Residential Dumbwaiters and Industial Lifts are designed with highest quality parts and materials for the price.

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Our Products are

Easy to Use

Homeowners and Businesses Love our user-friendly design

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Residential Dumbwaiters Picture
Residential Dumbwaiters

Great for assistance in moving groceries, firewood, laundry, and various other household applications.

Restaurant Dumbwaiters Picture
Restaurant Dumbwaiters

Restaurant Dumbwaiters provide labor savings in restaurants, bars, banquet halls, and hotels.

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Commercial Dumbwaiters

Commercial dumbwaiters can provide convenience in multi-level corporate buildings or complexes.

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Industrial Dumbwaiters

Industrial Dumbwaiter and Mezzanine lifts reduce job related injuries and production times.



Butler's Buddy can manufacture hundreds of different sizes and types of custom lift containers and dumbwaiters that are available in cabinet grade birch plywood, powder coated steel, solid stainless steel and birch with stainless steel foil lined interior.

Various access openings are available to suit customer requirements and specifications. Our custom dumb waiters have weight capacities that range from 100 to 300+ lbs and can even be used to replace old manual dumbwaiters.


We build our products with only quality parts and materials to ensure that you won't have any issues for the life of the product. If you have an issue give us a call.

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Why do our Dumbwaiters and Lifts beat the competition?

  • We Customize

    Our design allows for a lot of flexibility in various types of installations so we can tailor the build to your specific needs.

  • Safety

    Our products are built with UL certified parts and materials to help insure our Dumbwaiters and Lifts are safe.

  • Warranty

    We warranty our products from defects.

  • Support

    If you are having issues with your installation please give us a call and we will work with you to address your issues.

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We will expertly pack your dumbwaiter and ship it from our US facility to anywhere you like. Fill out our quote request form or call us so we can answer any questions you might have regarding our dumbwaiters and commerical lift products.

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