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Butlers Buddy manufactures a complete line of standard and custom residential and industrial dumb waiters for home or industry to suit your needs. In residential settings, an electric dumb waiter saves you from dragging laundry and groceries from floor to floor, lugging firewood or suitcases from a ground level garage or basement, all of which can create stairway accidents. In addition to this time saving appliance, our dumbwaiter elevators can add value to your home and replace old manual dumbwaiters. Contractors find that an electric dumbwaiter elevator will many times clinch the sale of a home. In commercial applications, industrial dumbwaiters and restaurant lifts increase productivity and decrease the strain on your workforce. For businesses our industrial dumb waiters save time hauling mail or packages between multiple stories. For multi-story restaurants our restaurant lifts save time transporting food from kitchen to dining area. We are also a manufacturer of a complete line of electric shop mezzanines for material transfer from deck to floor. Our unique patented electric dumb waiter design reduces approximately 80% of labor normally associated with a product of this type including manual dumb waiters. All low voltage electrical control wiring is pre-wired for ease of assembly. Drive systems are pre-assembled and aligned at the factory. Check out our web site and use your imagination. We provide home owners, contractors, architects and engineers with price quotes and drawings. We ship our custom residential and industrial dumbwaiters around the world.





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